DAY 63 / 63 OF SEASON 19
Rookie Ice Festival
Top Players In Goals
Canada Hockey Martin Provost 25
USA Hockey Agrias Oaks 23
Sri Lanka Hockey Gille Ratnam 19
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 17
USA Hockey Delita Heiral 13
Canada Hockey André Cusson 12
USA Hockey Zalbaag Beoulve 8
USA Hockey Ramza Beoulve 8
Sweden Hockey Henrik Zetterberg 7
USA Hockey Alex Galchenyuk 7
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Top Players In Points
USA Hockey Alex Galchenyuk 30
Canada Hockey Martin Provost 27
Sri Lanka Hockey Gille Ratnam 26
USA Hockey Agrias Oaks 26
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 25
Canada Hockey Drew Doughty 20
Canada Hockey André Cusson 20
Canada Hockey Duncan Keith 14
USA Hockey Delita Heiral 14
USA Hockey Ramza Beoulve 14
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Top Players In Plus_minus
Canada Hockey François Jacques 51
Canada Hockey Drew Doughty 51
Canada Hockey Martin Provost 51
USA Hockey Alex Galchenyuk 47
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 47
Canada Hockey Liguerh. Com 37
USA Hockey Orran Durai 34
Sri Lanka Hockey Gille Ratnam 33
Canada Hockey Duncan Keith 33
Canada Hockey André Cusson 33
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Top Players In Shots_blocked
USA Hockey Beowulf Cadmus 133
Canada Hockey Zachary Fucale 73
Iceland Hockey Cale Npc Mostaric 72
Sweden Hockey Jonas Klinn 56
Latvia Hockey Charles Npc Ioan 55
USA Hockey Albert Salazar 48
USA Hockey Charles Npc Ioan 46
Canada Hockey Charles Npc Ioan 41
USA Hockey Natsuo Npc Nariaki 40
USA Hockey Jay Super 36
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Top Players In Assists
USA Hockey Alex Galchenyuk 23
Canada Hockey Drew Doughty 18
Canada Hockey Duncan Keith 14
Canada Hockey François Jacques 12
USA Hockey Mustadio Bunansa 10
USA Hockey Alma Beoulve 10
USA Hockey Orran Durai 10
Canada Hockey P.k. Subban 8
USA Hockey Goffard Gaffgarion 8
Canada Hockey André Cusson 8
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tetrahydroc (154 posts)

rookie ice festival is mine:D

6 years ago by tetrahydroc (154) | Like | Comment | Open
Dragon (303 posts)

Second installment of the Pre-season Algo Test coming up.

I've updated the teams so post here and tell us what you like or don't like.

8 years ago by Dragon (303) | Like | Comment | Open
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